Our People: Adam Sommerville. he/him

Our People: Adam Sommerville. he/him
We're lucky enough to be able to call on our talented community to volunteer their time, and faces, for Koha Apparel. Get to know one of the faces of Koha E-Commerce. Adam Sommerville

Thanks again for supporting Koha Apparel and quite literally putting your body on the line. While you're not pulling a blue-steel look for Koha Apparel, what might we find you doing? Alot haha - I work full time in design and also working part time as a coach at BFT Ponsonby. On top of all of that I am also training for a full Ironman. 

What made you want to volunteer your time with Koha Apparel? I truly believe and am inspired by all the good that Koha is doing for our community. My time is the least I could give.

What were some of your favourite pieces from our 'new season'? Top two from the new season pieces have to be the Zip away Huffer pants & the dad Shirt. 

What would you say to encourage others to shop more sustainability? Instead of buying new, take a second to check out the amazing places around like Koha, or even clothes swap with friends. Small steps lead to big change!  

What are some of your favourite places to shop? Savemart is one of my all time favourite places, also AS Colour as I love a basic.