Our People: Jamie Johnston. he/him

Our People: Jamie Johnston. he/him

Thanks again for supporting Koha Apparel and quite literally putting your body on the line. While you're not pulling a blue-steel look for Koha Apparel, what might we find you doing? You will find me in my element in a commercial kitchen as Executive Chef for Everybody Eats. When I'm not there I'm in my garden or in the ocean with my little dog.

What made you want to volunteer your time with Koha Apparel? Charli,  She's a Brit innit! But in all seriousness I love her passion, drive & selflessness. A very rare trait in these times. 

What were some of your favourite pieces from our 'new season'? I'm a huge fan of pineapples!  So the Superette shirt was epic! The Checkererd Shirt (forgot the brand) is my go to and happy place (once was an emo/grunge kid). The forest green shorts were something I'd not normally go for but was very pleasantly surprised. I loooooove denim! most people know me as a guy who rocks a Canadian tuxedo. So I would 100% wear again.

What would you say to encourage others to shop more sustainability? In the words of Shia Labeouf... "Just Do it" fast fashion, fast women, fast food is all that is wrong with our world. Be a critical thinker and be your own trend setter. #fuckfastfashion. 

What are some of your favourite places to shop? RPM, ASCOLOUR, Op shops & garage sales. 

Few words from Jamie.
I met Charli through Everybody Eats and was instantly drawn to her selflessness and her mission. We need more Charli's and less fake girl bosses producing shit labels from Alibaba!