Donation guidelines

Clothing is a basic human right but in reality, one that not all have equal access to. For those experiencing homelessness to any degree, clean clothing reduces social stigma and provides opportunities for employment and housing. For individuals and families living pay check-to-pay check, finding the funds for adequate clothing is not always possible.

Please consider the dignity of those you are donating to. We would never provide clothing to others that we would not wear ourselves. In general, we accept adult and children’s clothing. Please review the following guidelines prior to arranging a drop-off appointment.

  • All clothing must be freshly laundered
  • In addition to clothing we accept shoes, bags and accessories such as hats, belts etc. — Shoes must have their laces
  • Minor defects like broken zippers, missing buttons and torn seams are fine; we repair these


Items we do not accept

  • No clothing with permanent stains
  • Bedding such as pillows, duvet covers, sheets etc.
  • Costumes or fancy dress items
  • Dressing gowns
  • Used underwear, socks or swimwear. Unworn garments are fine.


Arrange a drop-off

Currently we accept donations at our store Saturday’s, open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

To help cover the costs associated with keeping clothing in circulation and recycling those items we cannot, we kindly request that drop-offs be accompanied by a $10 donation. As a registered charity, all donation amounts are tax deductible.