Disruption is not passive.

It is an act of consciousness. 

Your clothing, time, and financial support can clothe those experiencing homelesness and financial hardship

Donate clothes

In general, we accept adult and children’s clothing that is laundered and in good condition. While initially, we were supplying Auckland central’s most vulnerable, increasingly families, people struggling with the ever-increasing living, housing costs would come and see us. While clothing does not address the systemic issues, it works towards restoring dignity and advancing social inclusion within our cities.

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Become a monthly supporter

Since the Pandemic, we have experienced an increase in those seeking support. If you are in a position to contribute monthly or make a one-off donation, all efforts clothe those disproportionately impacted. Whether you donate $5 or $50, we are deeply grateful for the generous support. Funds are used for repairing, laundering, storing and transporting clothing to wherever it needs to be.

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Online sales fund our work

If you’re releasing clothing that no longers serves you, and are in need of something else, consider purchasing items new to you, from our community via our store. Each week we release from storage items to our online store. Let’s keep clothing out of landfill and circulating in our closets.

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With current restrictions in place, pop-ups are on hold though we still keep on with over 50 supporting communities across 4 regions, sorting, repairing and transforming garments unfit for resale into scrunchies and furoshiki. Whether you can sew buttons back on shirts or want to join us in sorting through banana boxes we want to hear from you.

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We are deeply grateful to our online community who follow the work we do, send us messages of gratitude and keep this movement alive. Whether you know someone in need of clothing or others who can contribute in one way or another, we are grateful to you all!

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