A personal note from Charli on World Homeless Day 2022

A personal note from Charli on World Homeless Day 2022

While I feel most connected to this country and this community, the reality of seeing our people queue up and, over the period of this event, pass on 250 items of clothing and footwear — is not something to celebrate.

The majority of those who contributed to this event provide services and care where government services and funding cannot stretch or no longer exist. In the words of Marama Davidson, “this is what doing the work looks like.”

Beyond this, they are failing to provide an environment and context for our people to thrive.

We believe housing is a human right, not a speculative asset.

Housing deprivation includes the 4,000 households in emergency housing, the 2,000 plus housed in temporary accommodation, and the 1 in 9 people living in overcrowded homes and couch-surfers. And the 200-plus children listed as living in cars.

The Government has spent more than $1b on emergency housing grants in the past five years. We have a generation of motel babies. Our systems are broken, and our people are broken.

Being a part of this event is not enough. Our people deserve more.

Charli 🖤

📸 - @t_creed